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How Does EOH Work?

There are two ways to play poker at EOH:

1. Tournaments
These are games where players pay a "buy-in", and win a prize at the end of the game.
Tournaments are our most popular game, and are hosted by our dedicated banking staff in our in-game channels (below).

2. Ring Games
These require you to deposit ISK to our corporation, which will be converted to poker chips (1 Ring chip = 100k ISK).
The benefit of Ring games is that they are available 24/7, and there is no time commitment. If you only want to play a quick couple of hands, you can, any time!
You can "cash out" your Ring winnings at any time. There is no charge for depositing or cashing out, we only charge (very small, and capped) when bets are made.

To actually play poker, you click the 'Launch Client' option when you are logged into our website after creating an account.

In-Game Channels

EOH Poker is our chat channel, where you can talk with other players and get help from staff.

EOH Games is where our staff advertise tournament games. Only bankers can talk there. Join now and don't miss out!

Recent News

Get Your Weekend Poker Fix
Posted by EOH_Norrin on 11/9/2015 10:19:30 PM

EOH presents a weekend of massively multiplayer poker tournaments:

Saturday, November 14 @ 05:00 EVE Time
Saturday, November 14 @ 20:00 EVE Time (Free Entry!)
Saturday, November 14 @ 22:00 EVE Time

54 million ISK for each tournament (except 20:00, it's on us!)

Max: 200 each

Join our in-game channels: 'EOH Poker' and 'EOH Games'

Payouts will be determined based on the number of participants, except the 20:00 free tournament which will have a guaranteed prize of 6b ISK from EOH!

Wyvern Tournament
Posted by EOH_Saint on 5/12/2015 7:05:37 AM

EOH presents a No Limit Texas Hold 'Em super-carrier tournament:

Saturday, May 30
Tables open at 17:30 EVE
Register by 18:45 EVE
Game starts at 19:15 EVE

1st -- Wyvern with Travel and Combat Fit plus Fighters and Bombers (Valued at 28 bil ISK)
2nd -- 2 Carriers or 1 Dreadnaught of Choice plus 1 bil ISK
3rd -- 1 Carrier of Choice plus 500 mil ISK*

*At least 30 players required for 3rd place payout.  Additional payouts will be offered if participation exceeds 30 seats.

1.35 bil ISK

Send buy-ins to EOH Events SandRock (Reason: Wyvern).

Min: 25
Max: 60

For more information, please visit our forum thread!

EVE Online Hold'em Sponsors Multiple Eve_NT Events
Posted by Niraia on 1/16/2015 7:14:34 PM

To promote the pursuit of fun, EVE Online Hold'em (EOH) has stepped up to sponsor Eve_NT.

EVE is all about fun and community is the cornerstone of that fun. Live events strengthen our community and turn in-game relationships into lasting friendships. EVE is Community!

EOH wants to help Eve_NT be the best event it can. Although we are a small community of poker players/gamblers without the resources of larger groups, we feel that it is important in the name of community to support EVE_NT. As EOH management observed, “There is nothing in our budget for Eve_NT sponsorship. We are sacrificing other advertising and planned promotions to make this happen. In light of recent events, we felt it was important to help Eve_NT and to make an important point about building strong relationships with our fellow EVE players. We feel strongly that in-game events should not come between real people enjoying getting together to share their EVE experences over a beer.”

EOH is sponsoring two EVE_NT activities: a 3-Card winner-takes-all poker hand and a 3x3 Valkyrie tournament.

The first 100 people through the door at EVE_NT will receive gift bags in which are 3 playing cards. Toward the end of the night a contest will be held to see who holds the best “3 Card Poker” hand. The winner will receive 10 Billion ISK. Tied hands will split the prize. This contest will allow people to trade cards and network before hands are presented, offering a great opportunity for EVE_NT attendees to break the ice and interact with players they don't know.

At the EOH poker tables as in EvE, players compete against each other. To honor the concept of PvP, EOH is providing 15 Billion ISK for the winning team of a 3v3 Valkyrie tournament to be held at Eve_NT.

EOH is EVE’s oldest gaming community – a trusted service for over 7 ½ years! We offer poker and 50/50 coin flip gambling using ISK. Bankers (backed up by collateral on deposit) hold your ISK securely. Games are run using independent third party commercial software that EOH cannot control and did not write. EOH only charges a 5% house fee (25 to 40% is the normal in EVE) on games. Bankers are paid 50% of that house fee. The other 50% covers advertising, promotions, sponsorships, staff bonuses, bonus games etc. EOH is not about making massive piles of ISK off players' backs. We are a community of people who love EVE and poker...a community for the fun of it!

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Remember Ring games are open 24/7!