EVE Online Hold'Em
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How Does EOH Work?

There are two ways to play poker at EOH:

1. Tournaments
These are games where players pay a "buy-in", and win a prize at the end of the game.
Tournaments are our most popular game, and are hosted by our dedicated banking staff in our in-game channels (below).

2. Ring Games
These require you to deposit ISK to our corporation, which will be converted to poker chips (1 Ring chip = 100k ISK).
The benefit of Ring games is that they are available 24/7, and there is no time commitment. If you only want to play a quick couple of hands, you can, any time!
You can "cash out" your Ring winnings at any time. There is no charge for depositing or cashing out, we only charge (very small, and capped) when bets are made.

To actually play poker, you click the 'Launch Client' option when you are logged into our website after creating an account.

In-Game Channels

EOH Poker is our chat channel, where you can talk with other players and get help from staff.

EOH Games is where our staff advertise tournament games. Only bankers can talk there. Join now and don't miss out!

Recent News

The River
Posted by Niraia on 10/12/2016 5:21:44 PM

With deep regret, EVE Online Hold'Em will cease operation on the 7th of November 2016.

We'll post more information in the near future, but you can read my immediate thoughts here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/5742vq/dev_blog_end_user_license_agreement_changes/d8os6f6

We are still in business for now, so please enjoy this last month of Poker in EVE!

All cashouts will be paid. CCP is requiring all payments be completed by the end of November 7th. Please submit cashout requests before then. It is business as usual until November 7th.

From the Desk of EOH Pazreal
Posted by EOH_Norrin on 2/7/2016 11:02:31 PM

Greetings Poker Players

I hope this post finds each of you well.  I would like to thank you greatly for being a supportive player of Eve Online Hold'em. I was recently asked by the managers and owners of EOH on how we could give back to the community of ACTIVE players at both the ring and tournament games in EOH.  After pondering for a bit, my suggestion was a freeroll—but unlike any freeroll we have ever hosted before.

If you received an evemail from me, I would like to welcome you to the first ever INVITATIONAL Tournament in Eve Online Hold'em. These freerolls are totally funded by our bankers in appreciation of you, our dedicated players.

The EOH Players that are getting this invitation are only those who played actively in ring or tournament games in January 2016. The players that come will be verified against this list of players to ensure that the isk being paid here is only to those who actively use the Eve Online Hold'em service.

There will be two tournaments, each will have a separate payout of 3 billion isk. We decided to have two tournaments so players can attend in varying time zones. If you received an evemail from me you can feel free to attend both or one, however your schedule permits. These tournaments can take quite a while, and there is a long list of players being invited, so please be prepared. The payout structure is normal tournament style posted here and will pay out based on the number of players.

All times listed are Eve times/dates, and specifics are in the evemail you recieved if you are invited:

Saturday the 20th Table opens at 1700 runs at 1800 (Saturday evening EU TZ)
Hosted by EOH Sandrock

Monday the 22nd Table opens at 0000 runs at 0100 (Sunday evening US TZ)
Hosted by EOH Pazreal

Thank you again for being an active Eve Online Hold'em player and GOOD LUCK in the Invitational Tournaments! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me!

~EOH sPaz
on behalf of the staff, management, and owners of Eve Online Hold'em

Saturday Tournaments (Dec. 26)
Posted by EOH_Norrin on 12/24/2015 1:19:18 AM

Starting at 19:00

28 mil Headhunter (2-min blinds)
Up to 25 players

Payouts:  187.5 mil (1st) / 112.5 mil (2nd) / 75 mil (3rd)
Bounties: 10 mil per head

Starting at 19:30

105 mil Tournament (10-min blinds)
Up to 200 players

Payouts based on total number of players

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