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The Great EVE Online Hold'Em F.A.Q.

Often the answers to questions about EOH are not obvious to find. To prevent the same questions being asked over and over in-game or long, fruitless searches through the other pages on this website, we have provided this (hopefully) comprehensive F.A.Q. If you think there is a question that we have missed, please let us know via help ticket. Thanks for playing, and we hope this makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

Some information about Texas Hold'Em is also provided in this Guide to Texas Hold'Em Poker.

Accounts and Account Management

How do I make a new account?
Open the website in the in-game browser (IGB), then click Register on the left. From there, enter your EVE character name EXACTLY as it is spelled in EVE, as well as other required information. A valid email address is also recommended so that you can perform your own password resets.

I forgot my account name, what do I do?
Create a new account and play on that if you only play Tournament games. If you have a positive balance on the forgotten account and want that recovered, make a new account and open a help ticket with as much detail as possible on the issue. The old account can then be deleted and the balance moved over to the new account once you have been verified as the owner of both accounts.

I forgot my password, what do I do?
There is a reset password ability on the login window. Be sure that you enter a valid email address, otherwise this will only break the account.

When I try to log in I get a message saying that my account is locked out. Help!
This is caused by multiple login attempts with an incorrect password. You can ask any banker in the EOH Poker channel to unlock your account for you so that you can try again.

I tried resetting my password via email but don't see the email?
Please create a new account and make a help ticket, detailing the account and email you were resetting. We'll probably need to nuke the account and recreate it.

Do I have to log into the website in order to play, or can I log into the poker client directly?
You can only log in to Mavens via the Launch Mavens button on this website. This ensures that all accounts are created with a tie to an EVE character for security reasons.

Can I log into the website via EVE Online's In-Game Browser (IGB)? Can we play from there?
You can log into the website via the IGB, but you cannot play Mavens since CCP has disabled flash inside of EVE. You MUST use the IGB to register a new account.

I have a brother/spouse/roommate who wants to play poker with me, but we can't both connect at the same time? Is there any way we can play together?
We do not allow multiple connections from the same IP address. This is done to prevent collaboration. We cannot allow individual IP addresses to ignore this ban, so you will simply need to play from two different locations or simply switch back and forth as to who is playing.

How do I change my displayed corporation
This can be done under Client Home -> My Account.

How do I change my account name
The short answer is you cannot. If this is an issue, just make a new account and ignore the old one. If there are chips on the old account, then make a help ticket explaining the situation and give enough information to allow management to transfer the balance over to the new account.

How do I change the character my account is associated with
The EVE character is set upon account creation and can only be changed if flagged by management. This ensures that the account always pays out to the original owner, even if someone else gets ahold of your account details. If you wish to have this changed, open a help ticket under Help Desk.

My EVE character is less than 7 days old.
Does this matter?
Yes. All bankers are to deny service to any character less than 7 days of age in order to hinder abuse of our services. If you wish to play at EOH, use a real character. If you are legitimately that new, you should be exploring EVE instead of playing poker.

I haven't been in an EVE corporation for at least 7 days, why am I sometimes being denied service?

To rule out any issues with EVE Online character transfers, we have placed limits on players who have transferred into or out of an NPC corporation within the past 7 days.  These players are limited to buy-ins up to 525 million ISK in any game with 3 players or less, but can play games of any buy-in with more than 3 players.  Players can avoid this restriction by transferring directly from one player corporation to another without dropping to an NPC corporation.

Ring Games

How do I pay for and join a Ring game?
All deposits into the Ring system are done via autodeposit. For instructions please click on the Deposit link on the left. Joining a Ring game is as simple as opening up a ring table in the Mavens client and clicking on a seat.

How do I cash out chips for ISK?
You can request a cashout viathe Cashout link on the left. This submits a request which is then manually processed by a cashout banker. This can take up to 48 hours to process, but is generally much faster.

How do I win ISK in Ring games? How are Ring games raked?
Every chip is worth 100k ISK. You win and lose ISK each hand as you win and lose chips. Ring game ISK is only raked once it is bet and placed into the pot for the current hand. There are no fees on deposit or cashout.

How long does it take for a deposit to be processed?
Deposits are processed at the top (xx:00) and bottom (xx:30) of every hour.

How long does it take for a cashout to be processed?
Cashouts have to be performed manually and generally take anywhere from a few hours to 48 hours.

Why was my cashout rejected?
If the character associated with your account is under 30 days old, your cashout request will be rejected.  Your cashout may also be rejected if you have incorrect information on your account, such as a bad EVE character name or the wrong corporation listed. You can update your corporation via Client Home -> Update Profile and you can request to be flagged to update the EVE character associated with your account via a help ticket in the help system.

Why didn't my deposit show up?
The automatic deposit system uses the EVE API and cannot process deposits if the API is down. If you have made a deposit and it has not posted after 48 hours, please submit a help ticket.

Are deposits or cashouts raked?
No. All rake occurs during play.

I received the wrong amount of ISK from a cashout.
In the rare chance that this happens, please open a help ticket with the details so that we can correct whatever mistake the cashout bankers made. (They are human after all)

Tournament Games

How do I pay for and join a Tournament game?
All Tournament games are announced in channel EOH Games. In order to play in one of these games, you pay the announcing banker by right-clicking on their name in the EOH Games channel and selecting Give Money. Once you have sent the appropriate amount, log onto Mavens and register on the table indicated in the game spam. Wait until the game fills and the banker will start it. Do be sure to pay attention to the EOH Poker and EOH Games channel for important announcements since sometimes games do get cancelled and refunded.

How do I know what kind of game I am playing?
All games announced in channel EOH Games are labeled
. Please see the Game Info page for more details on our game types.

Can I use Ring chips in Tournament games?
No, we do not support the use of ring chips on Tournament tables at this time.

How do I get paid if I win?
You get paid by typing something similar to "x table #" in the EOH Poker channel, replacing # with the table number you just won at. This allows bankers to more easily pay winners.

When are ship games run? What about freerolls?
Senior bankers run event games on the weekend (US Friday night to Sunday night). These include ship games, superdeathball, and multi-table tournaments. Freerolls are occasioanlly done when a banker donates ISK for such a game. We are also trying to run a weekly 60-man freeroll, sponsored by EOH itself.

What does WTA mean? Or AI, HU, DT, TT, DB, SDB, FR?
Yes, there are a lot of poker acronyms used here.

  • WTA = Winner Takes All.
  • AI = All-In First Hand, also referred to as cold hand.
  • HU = Heads Up or 1v1.
  • DT = Double Through.
  • TT = Triple Through.
  • DB = Deathball.
  • SDB = Super Deathball.
  • FR = Freeroll.

The banker running the game I just won disappeared! How do I get paid?
Sometimes real life interrupts or a banker goes AFK for something. Please evemail any banker who owes you ISK, and they will take care of it when they get back
. Other bankers cannot pay out your game. If you are not reimbursed within 1-2 days please contact Niraia or EOH Tom with details so that it can be resolved.

Technical Issues

What happens if I pay for a game but it has already filled?
A banker will generally say something in channel EOH GAMES or EOH POKER and refund you.

I was kicked from a Tournament table when it started! Why?
Bankers can and will unregister players who have not paid for a Tournament game, since you have to pay the announcing banker in EVE before registering.

I paid for a game but I have to go. What do I do?
If the game hasn't started yet then you can ask the banker for a refund in channel EOH POKER. Otherwise your ISK is committed to the pot and there are no refunds.

What if I disconnect from a game I am playing?
You can log back into this website, reload Mavens, and sit back down at the table you were playing at. If you are in the middle of the game, disconnect, and cannot get back on, EOH is not responsible for any games that you may lose. Please keep this in mind before playing games here or on any online service.

What if the table or server crashes?
If a table or the server crashes then bankers will refund you fully for your game. The one exception to this is that if multiple people have already gone out and the banker is able to verify this, then the pot will be split among those who were still alive in the game. If the remaining players would rather provide another reasonable solution, this can also be done. The final decision always lies with the hosting banker and is final.

I am unable to log onto this website. Help?
Make sure you are using the right login name and password. For other ideas please see the Accounts section above.

What do I do if the 'Launch Mavens' button doesn't do anything?
Please check your browser to ensure that popups are not being blocked. Also check and see if the window appeared behind something else or on another desktop. Additionally, it doesn't hurt to try another browser, and clear out your browser's cache and temporary internet files.

For guides on how to enable popups for eohpoker.com, please select which browser you're using:
Internet Explorer

What do I do if Mavens starts to load but then fails?
First simply try to relog and load Mavens again. If this does not work, it doesn't hurt to try another browser, or to clear out your browser's cache and temporary internet files.

Code of Conduct

What kind of table behavior is acceptable or not acceptable?
We allow table talk or better known as smack talk unless it gets out of hand. You may not resort to personal or racial insults to other players, and if you are asked to tone it down, then do so or you will lose your right to play at EOH. Also do not talk about your hands while they are in play.

I am being harassed. What do I do?
Unless it is serious, Mavens does include a block function. Ignoring is often the best remedy. If the harassment continues in-game or is of a serious nature, please open a help ticket with copies of the text transcript from the harassment and we will deal with the offending player as necessary.

A banker is being rude to me or others. What do I do?
Bankers are players too and are also allowed to let loose a little while playing. This doesn't mean they can be jerks; however, and they shouldn't go past playful smack. If there is an issue with a banker's behavior, please let us know via the help ticket system.

I think someone is cheating or collaborating. What do I do?
Please open a help ticket with all of the details that you have about the incident. Specifically, the names of the suspects, the game number, table number, and time of the game, and one or two hands that are particularly suspect. We will then look into the issue and take action if necessary.

I was playing with someone who disconnected or went AFK. Now what?
You are free to blind them out until you win, or you can wait until they return if you wish to be sportsmanlike. You can also ask one of the bankers in channel EOH POKER to pause the table until the other player gets back.

One or more of the players at our table refuse to bet anything. Can you make them stop?
AFK play is allowed, since there is no way to know if someone is away from the table for an actual reason, or if they are just waiting to play. No one is forced to bet on any given hand of poker. We do allow other players to agree to blind another player out if they continuously do not play any hands, but this has to be agreed upon in table chat out in the open. This is the ONLY time that we allow such teamwork, as a counter to overbearing AFK play.

Can I talk about my hands in chat?
No, this is unfair to those who want to be serious about their poker game. You may only talk about cards that you have after the hand is over.

About EVE Online Hold'Em

How do I know that EOH isn't a scam?
We try to run as legitimate a business as possible for our players, because we are much more successful with a large number of happy players than the number of players we would have left if we were to steal from them. Additionally, EOH has been around since the fall of 2007, and currently has thousands of active customers. Various issues that have come up are documented in our forum thread in the Events forum on the EVE-O boards, and in the news section on this website. The software we use for Texas Hold'Em is publicly purchasable from Briggsoft. There is a lot of documentation about the software on the Briggsoft site, and we'd like to thank them for their wonderful technical support. Basically, there is a lot of documentation on our history and the software we use, and nothing prevents you from lurking in our channels and seeing how many people come through on a daily basis either.

How do I know that other players aren't cheating?
Cheating in online poker usually comes in two forms: exploitation of the software, and collusion / collaboration. We keep full logs and perform accounting audits regularly, ensuring that account balances are correct. EOH has not been without incidents, but in all cases we reimbursed affected players and moved quickly to work with Briggsoft to correct any flaws in the software. The real fairness issue is with collaboration, where we do our best to prevent such behaviors. Multiple bannings have occurred as the result of investigations into collaboration. Mavens does prevent players from logging on multiple times from behind the same IP address, but we realize that this is not a perfect solution. Additionally we do some processing of log histories so that we can detect players who are "winning too much". The most important step in preventing collusion is you, the player, who should report suspicious behavior in your games to us. Each and every incident is thoroughly investigated.

How do I know the admins or bankers aren't cheating?
Bankers are simply regular players who have paid collateral to EOH and who have access to tools on this website that allow them to answer help tickets and to start tables. Only the owner and coders have server access. As for why the admins aren't cheating, a legitimate business is more profitable than a crooked one. Also, see the documentation on the Briggsoft website in order to see how Mavens works, as well as its lack of features used in $ sites (such as allowing admins to see everyone's cards -- Mavens does not allow this). For anyone concerned about the ability of the others to see their cards, please read more about Mavens on the Briggsoft website, where it described both the psuedo-random algorithm and the encryption used for card selection and transport.

Do I have to pay to play?
Yes. The only exception is the occasional freeroll hosted by a banker or admin.

How do I become a banker?
More information about this can be found on the Staff Page.

Is EOH hiring for anything other than bankers?
EOH does not hire outside of its banking staff, though we do sometimes request freelance graphical work. If this is something you could help us with, please contact Niraia or EOH Tom .

Is there anything I can do to help out EOH?
We always welcome assistance for graphical work in order to make more advertising banners. All of our coding is done in house, so unless you want to do graphics or page designs without access to our code, I'm afraid you can't help with that. If you would like to assist us with finding venues with which to advertise, or if you own a site that would like to host a banner or link to EOH, please evemail Canine Fiend in-game, as he is our promotions manager.

Limits on Reimbursements

The following is a brief summary of when EOH is and is not responsible for reimbursements:

Reimbursements ...
    • APPLY TO a banker going rogue and stealing buyins. Only buyins are refunded, not winnings.
    • APPLY TO banker error on payouts and buyins, but this liability lies with the banker in question and not the owners of EOH.
    • APPLY TO technical issues where EOH is at fault and no player interaction or intervention is involved.
    • ARE CAPPED at 1 Billion ISK per person per incident in case of theft.
    • DO NOT APPLY TO any type of scamming other than a banker going rogue. Example: name scammers.
    • DO NOT APPLY TO player error of any sort. Please read all documentation and send your money with care.
    • DO NOT APPLY TO connection issues, unfavorable game rulings in special situations, or table deaths except as outlined above