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Game Type Information

EVE Online Hold'Em offers several types of games, all using the rules of Texas Hold'Em Poker. Our game types differ from one another in the way that they are bought into, the payout structure, and the configuration of our game tables via blinds, time per hand, etc. All games except for Ring games are announced in the "EOH Games" channel. Only bankers can talk in this channel, which protects you from fake bankers or banker impersonators. The "EOH Poker" channel is used for all questions and chat between players and staff.

Before playing, you might want to learn more about the game of Texas Hold'Em itself, and the software we use: The Rules of Texas Hold'Em and Using the Poker Mavens Web Client both contain lots of useful information from the creator of the software client we use.

Pro-Tip: If your Mavens 2.0 client loads up to 99% or some other number without actually loading, clear your browser cache and try again. Reloading often resolves other graphical or connection errors as well.

Double-Through (DT) / Triple-Through (TT) Tournament Games

The standard type of Tournament Game offered by EOH is the Double-Through (DT). In a Double-Through, 6+ players play with 5k chips each on a 5-minute blind table. Usually containing 6 players, DTs are over when 50% of the players are knocked out. The remaining 50% each win "double" their initial Buy-In, hence the name. A common variant of the Double-Through is the Triple-Through (TT) which has 3 winners out of 9 players. After winning a DT or TT game, you are to type something similar to "x table #" in the EOH Poker channel, replacing # with the table number you just won at. This allows bankers to more easily pay winners.

Tournament Buy-Ins and Rakes are as follows:
Buyin (Mils): 28 54 105 210 315 420 525
Rake (Mils): 3 4 5 10 15 20 25
Deathball and Super Deathball

Deathball is a 10-player Tournament game where each player has 5k chips, but the table uses 2-minute blinds. This is a very fast paced game, and it is Winner Take All (WTA). Super Deathball is a 25-man version where players are initially split up on five tables of 5 players each. Tables fold into each other as players are taken out. Generally this game is ONLY run with either an 11m or 17m Buy-In, as it's supposed to be cheap and fun.
Ring Games

Ring Games are sit-and-go style games that use chips deposited into your Mavens 2.0 account. Unlike Tournaments, you are winning and losing ISK in every hand that you play by winning or losing chips. Each chip is worth 100k ISK. Chips are purchased by using our auto-deposit feature. Instuctions on how to deposit chips are on the Auto Deposit page. Deposits usually take less than 10 minutes to show up. If they do not show up, or you forgot to enter your auto deposit code, please don't worry! Our system will catch all failed deposits, and they will either be deposited automatically after a delay, or will be manually deposited or refunded by a staff member. If a deposit does not show up within 48 hours, then open a help ticket via the Help Desk.

In order to cashout of the system, you simply put in a cashout request on the Cashout Request page. Cashout requests generally take less than 24 hours to process, unless more than 1 Billion ISK per user per day is being withdrawn. In this case it may take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours due to requiring administrator approval.

Rake is applied to every pot, unless the hand ends pre-flop. Current rake rates are 2-5% for all tables. There is no additional rake on deposit or cashout. Additionally, every hand is rake-capped so that large bets are not raked the full amount!

It should also be noted that all accounts that have not been logged onto for 90 days will have their ISK balances wiped (not refunded). The account will continue to stay in our system for record keeping purposes, and may be used again at a later date should a user return.
Tournaments and Multi-Table Tournaments

Multi-Table Tournaments are much like classic Texas Hold'Em tournaments: players are spread out across multiple tables, and as players go out, the tables fold into each other. Normally each table in a multi-table tournament holds up to 10 people. Payouts are listed below, and vary greatly depending on the number of participants. Payouts for single-table tournaments are given in the entries for 1 to 10 players. While the single-table variant of style of game used to be very popular, it has been replaced by the Double-Through. Multi-table tournaments are held usually held only for special events.

EOH Tournament Payouts
1-4 The winner takes it all!
5-7 1st/2nd -- 65% / 35%
8-10 1st-3rd -- 50% / 30% / 20%
11-20 1st-4th -- 45% / 28% / 17% / 10%
21-40 1st-6th -- 36% / 23% / 15% / 11% / 8% / 7%
41-70 1st-8th -- 30% / 20% / 14% / 10% / 8% / 7% / 6% / 5%
71-100 1st-10th -- 29% / 18% / 12.5% / 10% / 8% / 6.5% / 5.5% / 4.5% / 3.5% / 2.5%
Headhunter Games

These are the same as Tournaments or Multi-Table Tournaments except only 60% of the ISK goes into the pot. The rest is used as a bounty. For example, in a 54m game, 30m per player goes into the pot, and 20m is a bounty on their head. For every player you take down to 0 chips, you win 20m. When multiple players are in a hand with more than one pot, the bounty goes to the winner(s) of the pot that the bounty player went all-in on. Additionally the pot is split among the winners like in a normal tournament game. This gives players two ways to win!

Heads-Up, All In First Hand, and 3-Way WTA

High Stakes WTA games are often requested by players, and are often asked for in the main "EOH POKER" channel. If you or another player can find 1 or 2 others to play a private match against, simply ask for a banker to run the game for you.

The main games played are Heads Up, which is a standard 1 versus 1 scenario.

All In First Hand (AI) is a 1 versus 1 game where you have to go all in on the first hand. Please be aware that folding the first hand for any reason results in a loss. Do not play this game if you have an unstable connection or might be distracted! In an AI game, it is the players responsibility to hit ready, if a player does not 'ready' before the game begins, there is a chance that their cards will be folded and their hand forefited, if this is the case there will be no refund. In the event of a split, players will need to AI as many times as necessary to claim the prize, the last person remaining after the last All in is the winner.

3-Way WTA is just a 3-Way game where there is only one winner. Sometimes this last game type is announced by bankers during slower hours, but generally players will need to request this.

Capital and Faction Games

The banking staff may run Capital or Faction Games, which are single-table tournament games with up to 10 players. This game type is usually WTA, but sometimes has a prize for second or third place. Prizes are, as the name implies, usually carriers or faction battleships. Sometimes dreadnaughts or faction cruisers or frigates are used.