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 Current EOH Management and Staff
EOH Management Positions EOH Banking Staff EOH Banking Staff (cont.)
EOH Founder (Now Retired)
Selene D'Celeste

Original Developer

Owners and Administrators
Saint Stephen (EOH Saint)

Customer Relations and Staff Manager
EOH Saint

ESOP and Event Coordinator
EOH Sandrock (Supercapitals)

Hiring, Social and Marketing Manager - The Cat Herder
EOH Skippy

Graphic Designer
Cerbus (T'Amber, Apricot Baby)


Types of Bankers

Different bankers can bank different types and sizes of games, listed below. Technically any banker can run any type of game, but each type of banker is limited in what they are supposed to run, and therefore in what EOH insures. EOH assumes (some) liability of buy-ins (not winnings) if a banker ends up scamming. Details are on the EOH FAQ. However, EOH is not liable if a banker scams while banking a game they are not officially sanctioned to be banking (so no claiming 5b in debt to some new banker friend of yours to con EOH out of money).

  • Junior Banker: Can bank most games up to 210m as well as 3-way WTA up to 315m, and heads-ups (1v1) up to 525m. They can bank their own 1v1s up to and including a 525m buy-in.
  • Banker: Can bank most games up to 1b as well as 3-way WTA up to 2b, and heads-ups (1v1) up to 5b. These bankers can run Event games. They can bank their own 1v1s up to and including a 3b buy-in.
  • Senior Banker: Can bank most games up to 2b as well as 3-way WTA up to 5b, and heads-ups (1v1) up to 10b. These bankers can run Event games. They can bank their own 1v1s up to and including a 5b buy-in.
  • Management: Effectively no limits.*
    Retired Banker: Nothing. These are former bankers who no longer work for EOH.

*Use reason and caution, as I can not prevent a banker from deciding to scam one day. We do have a max reimbursement limit, so please see our F.A.Q. for details.

The Hiring Process

For more information about becoming a banker please see the Hiring Page.

Problems with the Banking Staff

If you have issues with a banker -- either concerns over the attitude, integrity, or capabilities -- please submit a help ticket via "Client Home -> Help Desk". EOH management will look into it within a couple of days and leave a reply via the help system.

If a banker disappears/logs and owes you money, evemail them the amount and game info. Real Life often intervenes or technical difficulties happen. Do not panic. Bankers pay out games or pay back buy-ins 99.9% of the time when they log in next. Just notify them, and wait. No other banker may give you your money. If the banker in question does not pay back within 48 hours, then please contact EOH Saint via evemail.

Finally, if a banker is providing poor service (continuously AFK, rude, etc) also send an evemail to EOH Saint for EOH's records.
Ex-Staff Members

For reference, the following is a table of bankers who previously worked at EVE Online Hold'Em but which have quit, were fired, or disappeared.

Retired EOH Bankers (Lazy Bastards):