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Terms and Conditions
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Any issue resulting from a lack of knowing the rules as described elsewhere on this site is solely the responsibility of the player. Connection stability is not the responsibility of EOH other than to provide a stable server and a fun gaming environment. You agree to give the banking staff the right to make judgment calls when issues arise that are not explicitly detailed in the rules. Please note that if your character is less than 7 days old then you may not use our service. If your character has not been in a corporation for at least 7 days, your play may be restricted. Any disagreement with the banking staff, the rules of the service, or any other aspect of the service shall be brought to the attention of Niraia or EOH Saint via the Help Desk system on this website. This is the sole official channel for complaints, requests, and inquiries relating to EVE Online Hold'Em. Any account with a ring chip balance forfeits that balance if it sits inactive for a minimum of ninety (90) days. Any issues with this process (such as returning to EVE shortly after an account wipe) should be brought up to Niraia or EOH Saint via the Help Desk system.

By agreeing to these terms you are stating that you will not be rude, obnoxious, or a troublemaker and will refrain from collusion, theft, or other negative actions against EVE Online Hold'Em, its services, and its community. And finally, you agree to have fun playing poker!