EVE Online Hold'Em
About EVE Online Hold'Em


The purpose of EOH is to provide EVE Online players with a fun card game with real risks and rewards attached to it via betting with ISK. While EVE itself is a very fun game (which is why we all play), there are many times where waiting around is the name of the game, and there are only so many ships you can fit before needing something else to do. We do our best to preserve the integrity of the game and the quality of our service without catering to jerks. Just remember, EOH staff are more than happy to answer questions and to assist with issues or concerns, but this is still a privately owned business, so don't start acting like you own the place -- that doesn't make for a fun evening for anyone, and it's not going to last very long!


EVE Online Hold'Em was initially founded in the fall of 2007 by the now infamous Curzon Dax and was based off of the then popular hobbyist poker rooms such as Axe Hold'Em and TriPoker. The primary differences between EOH and the other services at the time were the charging of rake and a paid banking staff. Initially Selene D'Celeste and ChaosCow PSA assisted Curzon with the running of EOH, but by December 2007 Curzon was beginning a hiatus from EVE. At this point Selene bought the service, and officially became the owner of EVE Online Hold'Em on January 1st, 2008.

The community grew over time, surviving as other poker services came and went. July 2008 marked an important milestone in EVE Online Hold'Em's history. This month saw both the release of the web-based Poker Mavens 2.0 client, which replaced the earlier Windows-only downloadable client, and the arrival of TomW as EOH's host and website developer. Later in 2008, Niraia also became a developer, and assisted with the creation of this website: a synthesis of the Poker Mavens API, the EVE Online API, a player accounting system, and an interface for the banking staff. In July 2012, Selene retired from EOH with Niraia and long time manager Saint Stephen taking over ownership.

Both the community surrounding EVE Online Hold'Em and the services it provides have continued to grow, leading to the EOH you see today.

Donations and Support

EVE Online Hold'Em sometimes uses some of its cashflow to support other ventures in EVE. This often has the benefit of spreading the word about EOH, but we also like to see other creative enterprises flourish in EVE. After all, the more interesting activities that players create for each other, the more interesting EVE is! This section contains some of the more notable donations that EOH has made in support of its players and the greater EVE community.

  • BIG Lottery - 25.0 Billion ISK (as of 6/31/11)
  • Hulkageddon III - 3 Billion ISK
    Hulkageddon IV - 5 Billion ISK
  • Roc's Ramblings Tyrannis Short Story Contest - 3 Billion ISK


We'd like to take this chance to thank several contributors who have either donated their skills or have worked for ISK in order to help us improve our website or to produce other EOH media. In no particular order we'd like to recognize:

Golzor - Currently working on the 2011/2012 EON magazine advertisements (4th-7th).
Zesty M - Created many of the banners using the modern EOH logo.
Eosyn - The amazingly sexy black and white ESOP banners, as well as the modern logo.
Speedy Death - Created our third (unpublished) EON magazine advertisement.
  • Jalif - Created our Alliance Tournament 8 video advertisement.
  • Cynon - Created our second EON magazine advertisement, as well as our "modern" logos.
  • Zapatero - Created our first EON magazine advertisement.
  • Awox - Helped us improve the original IGB website, way back before CCP made a real in-game browser and before EOH had a real website.