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Promoting EVE Online Hold'Em

EOH wouldn't be in business if it weren't for the thousands of customers who have entertained our establishment. We're grateful to you all both for the using are service, and the many compliments that we have received since 2007. Our community has grown over time, partly due to advertisement efforts on our part, but mainly due to word of mouth. In this spirit we would ask of you, our customers and community, to help raise awareness of the services that EOH provides, and help to grow what we do here. This is often best done in the simplest way: telling a friend about your latest game, and how EOH works.

There is more that you can do; however, especially if you own a website or like to use the EVE Online or other EVE-related forums. We have provided several images that you can use as signature images, banners, or buttons on websites in order to get our name out there more. For those of you willing to link to us via your websites, please get in contact with us via the Help Desk and we can work out a link exchange and add you to our Friends of EOH section on the left side of the website.

Here is our current selection of images for your use:

Forum Banners

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Social Network Icons


Black Logo

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