EVE Online Hold'Em
EOH is Hiring

EVE Online Hold'Em is hiring. Well, most of the time. Read on to learn how to attain fame and glory (and scars, terrible terrible scars) by being an EOH banker.

In order to become a banker for EOH, you need to get to know the existing banker staff by being active on EOH and in our channels. Aside from this, you need to put in an application through our Hiring Manager. So if you are interested please send an EVE-mail to EOH Pazreal for details so that we can begin the vetting process. Once basic background checks are made, the hiring manager will schedule an interview. If all of this works out he is free to take you through the hiring process and collect your collateral. He can handle everything except the actual website roles, which an admin will handle as soon as possible after hiring.

A brief list of some of the important things needed if you are to have a successful application:

  • Being able to speak clearly and concisely. If you talk like you're 12 or your English is very broken, we won't hire you since a lot of communication with customers of all types is required.
  • Applicants should not be brand new players or nub corp alts. Additionally we tend to look down upon resold characters and any character with a history of scamming.
  • The banking staff is rowdy, and customers can be much worse when there is a problem. Being able to deal with this, and having a sense of humor, is a must.
  • 1 billion ISK collateral is due upon hire. All collateral is refunded at termination of employment, except in cases of theft from EOH or its customers.
Information, training, and roles are provided upon hire. And in case you're interested, bankers keep half of all house rake that they collect. This is how bankers get paid. No we cannot give you hard numbers.

Graphic Designers

Aside from bankers, EOH often needs the talents of skilled graphic artists. If you have the skills to produce a magazine-quality ad (we like to consistently advertise in EON), or the ability to make dead sexy banners and signatures, we might be able to pay you for some work. Donations of graphical talent are, of course, always welcome as well! Please contact Niraia or EOH Saint;if you are interested.